Jetson - An End-to-End Platform

The Jetson Embedded platform enables you to easily move from the concept stage all the way through to product launch. Through every stage of your product development process, beginning with Exploration and Evaluation, on to your Design of Hardware, Platform Software and Application Software, all the way through Production and Product Support, the resources you need are right at your fingertips. Along with a complete suite of development and profiling tools, plus out-of-the-box support for peripherals, the Jetson Embedded platform gives you the ideal solution for helping you shape the future of embedded computing. For additional information please visit the Community Wiki and Forums.

GPUs have been changing the landscape in nearly every aspect of computing for over a decade:

Now these same fully programmable, parallel-computing enabled devices are available for mobile embedded products.

The World's Most Advanced Mobile Processor

The Jetson Embedded Platform enables you to harness the power of NVIDIA’s CUDA-enabled GPU cores and to bring your embedded vision to reality. By leveraging the NVIDIA® Tegra® SoC, NVIDIA’s GPGPU computing cores--which are used by today's most powerful and energy efficient supercomputers--deliver unprecedented, industry-leading compute capabilities for embedded devices and fully autonomous systems. Support for the NVIDIA CUDA® platform and latest rev of OpenGL (4.4) is compatible with what you already have today on your PC, workstation, or supercomputer, enabling you to quickly develop and deploy compute-intensive systems for computer vision, robotics, medicine, and more.