NVIDIA Tegra Linux Driver Package supports development for the following platform:

  • NVIDIA® Tegra® X2 (Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i)
  • NVIDIA® Tegra® X1

NVIDIA L4T 28.4 supports Jetson TX2/TX2i and Jetson TX1. It is included as part of JetPack 3.3.3 and includes a reference filesystem derived from Ubuntu 16.04.

Supported Features

  • Kernel version 4.4.38
  • Support for 64-bit user space and runtime libraries
  • Vulkan Support
  • V4L2 media-controller driver support for camera sensors (bypassing ISP)
  • libargus provides low-level frame-synchronous API for camera applications
    • RAW output CSI cameras needing ISP can be used with either libargus or GStreamer plugin
  • Media APIs:
    • OpenGL 4.6 Beta
    • OpenGL ES 3.2
    • OpenGL ES path extensions
    • EGL 1.5 with EGLImage
  • X Resize, Rotate and Reflect Extension (RandR) 1.4
  • X11 Support
  • U-Boot

System Requirements

  • Host PC running Ubuntu Linux version 16.04 is recommended.
  • Tegra Linux Driver Package providing a kernel image, bootloader, NVIDIA drivers, and flashing utilities. For more information, see the Release Notes.
  • Sample filesystem (example provided)

28.4 Driver Details