The following specialized SDKs provide developers with functionality to build applications on the NVIDIA Jetson platform.

JetPack SDK

NVIDIA JetPack SDK is the most comprehensive solution for building AI applications. It bundles all the Jetson platform software, including TensorRT, cuDNN, CUDA Toolkit, VisionWorks, Streamer, and OpenCV, all built on top of L4T with LTS Linux kernel.

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DeepStream SDK on Jetson

NVIDIA DeepStream SDK on Jetson is a collection of APIs and libraries to help developers build and deploy robust intelligent video analytics (IVA) solution on the Jetson platform. The APIs and libraries are provided as Gstreamer plug-ins for ease of use.

This SDK on Jetson enables building complex applications that include image capture, encode, decode, inference using TensorRT, and much more.

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