Jetson Champion Program

This invite-only, technical advocacy and community-based evangelist program recognizes outstanding NVIDIA Jetson developers and their contributions.

Jetson Champions are professionals, entrepreneurs, and makers who above all, share their passion and knowledge of the Jetson platform with their fellow developers. They’re deeply familiar with the Jetson platform and use their technical expertise to explore the many possibilities that it provides while empowering others to do the same.

Champion Spotlight

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Get to Know Our Champions

Akira Sasaki

Champ since 2019

Akira has 20+ years of experience developing mobile apps, PCB design, and recently entered the world of deep learning. He has developed several Jetson-based products for the Japanese market, including JetBot, JetRacer, and Edge AI Kit and is currently working on his newest concept, JetBook.

Alain Paillou

Champ since 2020

Alain got his start as a software engineer in the aeronautical industry then returned to school to study hydrogeology. He currently works for the French environment ministry. In his spare time, Alain uses his Jetson Nano-powered SkyNano to take exquisite pictures of the moon, stars and planets.

Andrey Volodin

Champ since 2020

Andrei has held several roles throughout his career, from technical support and network engineer to freelance Unix developer and now, in his latest role, the CEO of his own startup. He is currently building a Jetson-based medical device for use in ophthalmology.

Dan Stimits (linuxdev)

Champ since 2016


David Soto

Champ since 2020

David is a Senior Embedded Software Engineer who specializes in the development of video processing products on NVIDIA Jetson. He holds a Masters degree in Digital Signal Processing and is currently pursuing a second Master in Machine Learning.

Jim Benson

Champ since 2015


JK Jung

Champ since 2020

JK has been working with Jetson products for five years and writing about his learnings for three years. He loves deep learning and sharing his knowledge with his blog readers.

Joe Valdivia

Champ since 2021

Joe is a Controls Technician and a teacher at his local community college. When he's not working, Joe is exploring the endless possibilities for fun that Jetson offers, including strapping one to his car.

Jon Watte

Champ since 2020

Jon is an entrepreneur by trade with 20+ years of experience. As an avid builder, he uses Jetson products to power his rovers, track-racing speed cars, and walking robots.

Jun Su

Champ since 2020

Jun has been working with and experimenting across the Jetson platform since its early days in 2016.

Kai Hong

Champ since 2020

Kai is a two-time CTO. His work with Jetson focuses on human detection, tracking and gesture evaluation.

Michael Degans

Champ since 2019

Michael is a self-described "dev board addict" and longtime NVIDIA fan. Though he only started working with Jetson in the last year, he's already churned out several projects and is a top contributor in the Developer Forums.

Nick Bild

Champ since 2015

Nick is a professional polyglot software engineer and maker. Using Jetson as his go-to tool for machine learning inference projects, he's built an array of projects that demonstrate both his creativity and the versatility of the platform.

Patrick Dietrich

Champ since 2020

Patrick is a CTO with 15+ years of experience in hardware design and architecture. He's been working on Jetson-based projects since the TK1 was first released back in 2014.

Ravi Kiran

Champ since 2015

Ravi is a CEO who leads a team that specializes in building deep learning models and edge systems using Jetson products.

Sisiy Gu

Champ since 2020

Sisiy is a prolific content creator with 20+ years of experience in IT. She's written more than 450 articles on Jetson and leads several online communities where she keeps members informed on all of the latest updates.

Walter Lucetti

Champ since 2015

Walter is a computer engineer by trade but a roboticist at heart. When he's not building robots, he's sharing his knowledge with others on his blog and using his 3D printer.

Yuanyuan Sang

Champ since 2020

Sang is a STEM teacher and curriculum developer. When he's not leading hackathon teams, he's passionately advocating for the introduction of entry-level AI courses for primary and high school students.

What Does it Take to be a Jetson Champion?

Champions are self-motivated subject matter experts who contribute sustained organic content across multiple online and in-person forums. They contribute to the community in a variety of ways, including open-source projects, inspiring video demos, research, assisting users in online forums, speaking at industry events, and hosting meetups.

In exchange for their efforts, they receive valuable benefits such as early access to hardware and software, a direct line of communication to the Jetson product and engineering teams, and more.

Jetson Highlights

Raffaello’s Jetson NanoSaur

Coming in at only 10 x 12 x 6 cm, Raffaello’s NanoSaur is open source, 3D printable and built specifically for AI education. He’ll be releasing more information on his GitHub soon!


Alain’s SkyNano

Amateur astronomy photographer Alain built his own real-time filtering system to ensure he captured the best images possible of the night sky. See the incredible results here.


Walter’s Jetson Fever Control

For his latest project, Walter used the new Jetson Nano 2GB Developer Kit to create an application that detects a person's 3D position and body temperature, alerting users if their reading is above the known fever threshold. See it in action.


How Do I Become a Champion?

We’ll begin accepting nominations at the end of the year.

In the meantime, please continue to contribute to the Jetson community. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed!

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the program, you can reach our team here.