DRIVE IX provides intelligent experience software for autonomous vehicle visualization and full-cabin interior sensing. It enables conversational AI, natural language understanding, gesture detection, and recommendation engines to meet every driver and passenger need.

DRIVE IX is suited for the following applications

DRIVE IX apps are built on DRIVE OS and DriveWorks computing platform

Computing Platform

DRIVE IX applications are built on top of DRIVE OS and DriveWorks to process real-time sensor data, such as in-cabin cameras, based on DRIVE Hyperion reference architecture and sensors.

DRIVE IX shows 3D real-time VR view

Confidence View

Tightly integrated with DRIVE AV, DRIVE IX shows a temporal 3D real-time VR view of what the AV perceives and what the planning layer intends.

DRIVE IX provides interior sensing

Interior Sensing

DRIVE IX DMS and OMS perform driver monitoring and all passenger monitoring supported via additional in-cabin sensors.

DRIVE IX avatar is an intelligent assistant based on NVIDIA Omniverse ACE

AI Avatar

DRIVE IX avatar is an intelligent assistant based on
NVIDIA Omniverse ACE. It provides models and services to build interactive avatars, which orchestrate conversational speech AI, gesture detection, and avatar animation.


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