DRIVE Hardware

DRIVE Hardware options include:
  • DRIVE AGX Developer Kit for developing autonomous vehicle applications. The hardware includes:
    • DRIVE AGX Xavier Developer Kit (SKU 2000) for Partners developing SAE Level 2/3 autonomous driving application development.
    • DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit (SKU 2200) for Partners developing Robotaxi application development.
  • DRIVE Hyperion Developer Kit for configuring vehicles with the DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit and a pre-configured set of sensors and accessories for a target vehicle architecture. Platform software updates are provided over-the-air.

The hardware components are as follows:

Technical Hardware Specifications

  • 2x Xavier SoCs with integrated Hardware Engines
    • 8-core “Carmel” CPUs based on ARM v8 ISA
    • Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA): 5 TOPS (FP16) | 10 TOPS (INT8)
    • Volta-class GPU: 20 TOPS (INT8) | 1.3 TFLOPS (FP32)
    • Programmable Vision Accelerator (PVA): 1.6 TOPS
    • Stereo and Optical Flow Engine (SOFE): 6 TOPS
    • Image Signal Processor (ISP): 1.5 Giga Pixels/s
    • Video Encoder: 1.2 GPix/s
    • Video Decoder: 1.8 GPix/s
  • 2x “Turing” Discrete GPU (Available with DRIVE AGX Pegasus Developer Kit with SKU 2200)
    • Discrete GPU: 130 TOPS connected to Xavier SoC over NVLink (20GB/s)
  • DRIVE AGX System I/O
    • Camera: >90 Gb/s over 16x GMSL(R) ports
    • Lidar/Radar: ~50 Gb/s over Ethernet
    • Vehicle IO: 16 CAN interfaces
  • DRIVE AGX Memory Bandwidth
    • Xavier: >250 GB/s
    • Discrete GPU: > 750 GB/s
    • Overall: >1 TB/s

*TOPS measurements are per-chip