PCIe Retimer

An eight-lane PCIe retimer is connected to Orin UPHY1[7:0]. It has a firmware inside, and you can upgrade this firmware using Orin I2C9.

Upgrading the PCIe Retimer Firmware

Both the firmware and upgrade tool are packaged into the file system, you can find them in the following locations:

  • Firmware
  • Tool

Run the following command to upgrade the retimer firmware:

sudo /usr/lib/firmware/astera_retimer

If the flashing is successful, you will see the following message:

root@tegra-ubuntu:/usr/lib/firmware/astera_retimer/tools# ./eeprom ../firmware/pt4080l/1.13.x/nvidia_p3713_x4x4/nvidia_p3713_x4x4_X8-B2B_RETIMER-DYN_PRT_ORIENT-SRNS-VPH1P8V-HOT_PLUG_v1_13_9.ihx
12:46:55 INFO aries-sdk-c/source/aries_api.c:572: Starting Main Micro assisted EEPROM write
12:47:20 INFO aries-sdk-c/source/aries_api.c:682: Ending Write
12:47:20 INFO aries-sdk-c/source/aries_api.c:832: Starting Main Micro assisted EEPROM verify mode
12:49:12 INFO aries-sdk-c/source/aries_api.c:987: End Verify
12:49:12 INFO aries-sdk-c/examples/eeprom_test.c:148: Performing PCIE HW reset ...
12:49:14 WARN aries-sdk-c/source/aries_api.c:123: No Main Micro Heartbeat
12:49:14 INFO aries-sdk-c/examples/eeprom_test.c:169: Updated FW Version is 0.0.0

After flashing, power cycle the Orin to take effect. You will notice the “Updated FW Version is 0.0.0” message in the log. This is a known issue and does not indicate flash failure. A solution is in progress to indicate a valid version.

Note: Currently the tool does not prevent users from downgrading the firmware, you can flash any version of firmware following the steps.