Finalize DRIVE AGX Orin System Setup

Note: If the End User License Agreement (EULA) has not been accepted on the DRIVE AGX Orin Developer Kit, the DP display will not be activated when flashing is completed. The user must connect to the DRIVE AGX platform console via a terminal emulator to determine when flashing has been completed, and to complete the platform setup.

Instructions for connecting a terminal emulator to the platform are in the DRIVE OS 6.0 Linux Developer Guide sections "Using tcu_muxer" and "Terminal Emulation."

Note: The username, password, and security profile/setup will remain persistent on later flashes once they are set the first time after flashing the DRIVE OS SDK release. The user will not be prompted for this information again when flashing this or later releases. However, the user may need to clear the persistent data when downgrading to an earlier release. See the DRIVE OS 6.0 Linux Developer Guide section on "Persistence across Bootburn Flashing" for information on removing the persistent data, and User Management for information on adding/deleting/changing users or changing the security profile and settings.   
  1. Accept EULA and Set Admin Username/Password.

    See the DRIVE OS 6.0 Linux Developer Guide section on "DRIVE OS Linux oem-config" for more information on these prompts. (This is only needed for the first boot out of the box, and does not apply to SDK Manager or Docker flashed systems, unless persistent data is cleared.)

  2. Select SSH Profile and Other Setup Options.

    DRIVE OS Linux provides two profiles for security setup (including SSH): an NVIDIA enhanced security profile that uses ECDSA-based algorithms for SSH security, or stock Ubuntu 18.04 configuration. The customer must select the profile on the first setup screen. Both profiles will enable SSH server in the target by default.

    The user can follow the other prompts after SSH profile selection to install additional users; see "DRIVE OS Linux oem-config" for more information [not prompted if already set on 6.0.4 Linux first flashing]. After these prompts are completed, the platform will boot to the prompt to enter the username.

  3. After the user logs in to the system, run the following commands to finalize the firmware updates.

    From the target:

    $ sudo rm -rf /persistent/driveos/security/etc/systemd/

    Then, from the host Aurix console:

    NvShell> tegrareset