DriveWorks SDK Reference
5.14.77 Release
For Test and Development only

Camera Replay Sample


The Camera Replay sample demonstrates H.264/265/MP4 playback by using a hardware decoder, and replaying RAW/LRAW recorded files on the target hardware or desktop emulation. It opens a window to play back the provided video file.

Running the Sample

The Camera Replay sample, sample_camera_replay, accepts the following parameters

./sample_camera_replay --video=[path/to/video]


    Path to the video file.
    Default value: path/to/data/samples/sfm/triangulation/video_0.h264


Replay .h264 file

./sample_camera_replay --video=/path/to/file.h264

Replay RAW file

./sample_camera_replay --video=/path/to/file.raw

Replay LRAW file:

For playback of LRAW recorded files the option for using PinnedMemory to save cycles during CudaMemCopy has been added to this utility.

./sample_camera_replay –video=/path/to/file.lraw


Single H.264 stream

The sample creates a window and displays a video.

Additional Information

For more details see Camera.

Press Enter to toggle between Software ISP and Xavier ISP output when replaying RAW/LRAW. Press 'F' to take a frame grab. Press 'S' to take a screenshot.