The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Certified Instructor Program (CIP) connects qualified instructors with high-quality, hands-on course materials and a fully-configured, GPU-accelerated workstations in the cloud. Members of the program need to complete the student assessment, instructor assessment followed by interview with master instructor in order to get certified for any DLI workshop.

Instructor candidates complete rigorous, workshop-specific evaluations covering their technical qualifications, subject matter expertise, mastery of workshop content, and classroom delivery skills as well as training on effective use of the DLI platform. Certified instructors also complete continuing education and renew membership annually to maintain active status.

Membership Benefits

  • Formal inclusion and recognition of DLI CIP membership, that can be promoted via LinkedIn, etc.
  • Access to DLI course materials, instructor notes and student assessments for select courses to train the next generation of developers (or your workforce), etc.
  • Access to fully configured GPU-accelerated workstations in the cloud for hands-on training
  • Advance notice of new/updated workshops and instructor certification opportunities
  • Free passes to the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in exchange for commitment to support DLI training during the event (availability varies by event)
  • DLI University Ambassador Program members receive additional benefits

To learn more about DLI courses, see the DLI Course Catalog.

Qualification Criteria

To qualify for membership in the program, candidates must be either:

  • Employed by NVIDIA
  • Or an organization that is a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) Services Delivery Partner for Educational Services (SDP-ES)
  • Currently affiliated with an accredited university for the DLI University Ambassador Program

In addition, candidates must satisfy general technical qualifications for the technology covered by the workshop, such as deep learning, accelerated computing, data science, etc.

Candidate acceptance into the program is based on factors including:

  • Candidate qualifications
  • Course availability in the candidate’s country/region
  • Certified Instructor Agreement

Certification is awarded based on completion of course-specific criteria, including an interview with a DLI Master Instructor. See below for details.

Certification Process

DLI Instructor certification follows a cohort-based approach, which is outlined below:

  • The acccepted applicants will have four weeks to complete the certification process(student assessment, instructor assessment and interview with master instructor)
  • Accepted applicants will have the ability to work with and learn from other applicants via a group messaging platform.
  • At the beginning of each month three cohorts - Data Science, Deep Learning, and Accelerated Computing - will start and accepted applicants will automatically be placed with the cohort that most closely matches their workshop certification.
  • Acceptance into the upcoming month’s cohorts will be announced around the 27th of each month.

The certification process includes the following steps:

Phase1: Application
Phase2: Evaluation
  • Complete the workshop as a student, including any assessments and certification
  • Complete instructor assessment including any programming assignments and additional certification
  • Complete the self-paced DLI Platform Training course (waived if already completed)
  • Complete candidate interview with a DLI Master Instructor
Phase3: Active
  • Certified Instructors participate in ongoing evaluations, continuing education, workshop content reviews, student feedback reviews, and other activities as needed.
Maintaining “Active” Status

To maintain “active” status, certified instructors are required to:

  • Deliver at least two (2) DLI courses per year, to at least 40 total students
  • Maintain student positive feedback ratings
  • Satisfy certification requirements for the current version of each course they are certified to deliver*
  • Complete DLI Platform Training for the current version of the DLI Platform*
  • Renew membership annually
  • Certified Instructors must adhere to the guidelines mentioned in the Certified Instructor Agreement

* Recertification is generally required for major updates, and to reinstate an instructor as “active” after they have become “inactive”.