NVIDIA SHIELD: Gaming Unleashed

NVIDIA® SHIELD™ is a gaming portable designed for gamers who yearn to play when, where and how they want. Built around the advanced NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 mobile processor and with a full-size game controller, breakthrough Wi-Fi technology, and stunning HD video and audio, NVIDIA SHIELD redefines what gaming can be.



Pricing and launch dates have changed since the creation of the showcase video.  NVIDIA SHIELD was launched on July 31, 2013 at $299 USD.

Complete product details for NVIDIA SHIELD are at http://shield.nvidia.com


Get started now!

Head over to HOW TO: Getting Started on SHIELD Development to jump start developing Android apps on NVIDIA SHIELD.


Recent Blogs & Presentations

NVIDIA's developer technology team is releasing ongoing blog posts and has been presenting at industry conferences. See below for the latest blogs and links to slides and recordings of the presentations.




Why develop for SHIELD?

SHIELD represents the start of a new wave: a wave of high performance Android gaming platforms for the living room and our increasingly mobile lifestyles. 

A pure Android experience, 5-inch 720p retinal quality display, console-grade game controller, high fidelity bass reflex integrated speakers, and the world’s fastest mobile processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 4, make SHIELD the premiere platform for developing Android games. NVIDIA provides world-class development tools for the Tegra platform to accelerate your games and simplify game development through powerful debugging, analysis, and optimization tools designed especially for native Android Tegra devices.

  • World-class Tegra 4 development platform
  • Console-quality development tools
  • 100% stock Android OS
  • The ultimate Android gaming experience
  • Stream games from GeForce GTX-powered PC

Open Gaming Platform

SHIELD is an open ecosystem where any developer can develop and release content that takes advantage of SHIELD's features.  SHIELD is one of the first Android devices to allow game developers to create top quality content that can be enjoyed on the big screen in the living room as well as a mobile experience.

Stream PC Games

SHIELD gives you the power to wirelessly access your GeForce GTX-powered computer from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to Shield’s 802.11n 2x2 MIMO game-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, the device operates as a wireless screen and controller for your PC allowing you to play the best PCs games on a handheld device. PC Streaming released as a beta feature at launch; for more information see the main SHIELD site here. Tips for developers looking to stream from PC to Shield can be found here.

Android Gaming

100% Android. SHIELD is stocked with the Android Jelly Bean operating system from Google. This means the latest APIs and software are available to help developers create the immersive handheld gaming experiences. Paired with a console-grade controller, world class Android development tools and the powerful Tegra 4 processors, SHIELD provides the best way to develop class leading and cutting edge Android games. More information available here.

NVIDIA® TEGRA® Developer Tools

Count on NVIDIA Tegra Developer Tools to help deliver console-quality games and unleash the raw power of Tegra in SHIELD. Available at launch is the latest Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP), the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to optimize for NVIDIA Shield platform. TADP allows you to dynamically pick and choose the tools you need for your development environment, from the Android SDK to Tegra Android Operating System images, to help minimizing the time you spend hunting for the right software versions and downloading files. More information available here.


Developer Resources & Information

SHIELD is an Android based gaming portable built around the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. Developers can use SHIELD like any other Android device and it is fully compatible with NVIDIA's suite of development tools and utilities.

Tegra Development Resources

The Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is the perfect companion for developing native Android applications, installing all of the software tools required to develop and optimize for NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. From the Android SDK, world class Tegra debugging, profiling and analysis development tools to Tegra Android Operating System images, minimize  time spent hunting for the right software versions and downloading files.

Download Resources

Open Source Resources

To assist the Android open source and modding community, NVIDIA has published the required source code and binary packages to create custom OS images for SHIELD. NVIDIA has also made a binary "recovery image" available for users that wish to revert to the factory default image. These will be updated as new OTA updates are made available.

There are instructions for the open source packages here:

The factory image recovery data file packages are available below. Once downloaded, unzip and from a BASH or CYGWIN command prompt run, "bash ./filename.sh" to display the license agreement and unpack the recovery data files. Note if using CYGWIN, make sure you have the "more" command installed.

Flashing instructions [README]

Download OS Images

Here’s how you can get started developing for NVIDIA SHIELD today!

Join the NVIDIA GameWorks™ Registered Developer Program, an important part of NVIDIA’s commitment to the Tegra Developer community. This program gives NVIDIA a way to provide pre-release information and content and provide the latest Tegra news, updates, developer tools, samples, OS images, and tips and tricks. All development tools are freely available to Registered Developers under the NVIDIA GameWorks Download Center

Sign up now at https://developer.nvidia.com/registered-developer-programs.