Develop 2006, Brighton, U.K


NVIDIA presentations at Develop 2006

Shaders: The Sky is the Limit

[Slides (.pdf)]

: Sébastien Dominé (Director of Developer Technology Tools - NVIDIA), Richard Stenson (Graphics API Engineer – SCEA R&D)

Description: This talk will showcase PlayStation 3 shader development with FX Composer 2 and COLLADA. See how a variety of shader effects can be authored in a DCC application, exported, modified in FX Composer 2, and rendered with PSGL. The talk will also include an overview of the latest FX Composer 2 version, including shader profiling support, artist-friendly tweakables, scripting support, custom plug-in architecture, and much more.

Optimize Your GPU with the Latest NVIDIA Performance Tools
[Slides (.pdf)]

: Raúl Aguaviva (Performance Tools Engineer - NVIDIA)

Description: This talk showcases NVIDIA's latest suite of GPU performance analysis tools for OpenGL and DirectX, including NVPerfKit and NVShaderPerf. Learn how to use NVPerfKit to find and remove bottlenecks with NVPerfHUD, access powerful GPU performance counters with NVPerfSDK, and identify OpenGL API usage and performance errors with GLExpert. Handheld developers will get a brief look at NVPerfHUD ES, a new performance tool for handheld GPUs. Also, learn how to tune your fragment programs using NVShaderPerf.

Next Generation Games with Direct3D10
[Slides (.pdf)]

: Miguel Sainz (Developer Technology Engineer - NVIDIA)

Description: This talk will focus on new Direct3D10 features and effects for the next generation of games. We will discuss the new capabilities and performance enhancements that the Direct3D10 API provides and present several techniques that can be exploited to create new effects.