DeepStream is a powerful SDK that helps developers build and deploy AI-powered apps and services based on video and audio content. DeepStream offers a scalable accelerated framework that can be deployed at the edge, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure.

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What's New in DeepStream 6.0

  • New Drag & Drop Development Environment allows developers to create solutions in record time.
  • New AI models such as ASR, pose estimation, facial landmark and emotion expand the use-cases that can be easily deployed with DeepStream.
  • Audio-video sync for applications such as broadcasting and web conferencing.
  • A new Container Builder tool allows easy deployment at the edge the cloud or hybrid infrastructure.
  • DeepStream 6 is now integrated with NVIDIA Rivermax allowing GPU Direct for inbound data.
  • REDIS, integration enabling storage, metadata processing, and advanced analytics.

Please note that you must be a registered NVIDIA developer in order to join the program.

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