Deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence is revolutionizing modern computing. It is being used to develop solutions that range from improved cancer screening to self-driving cars. It has been used to create art, play games and deliver customer insights. More than 19,000 companies are currently using deep learning to advance their respective industries. At GDC this year NVIDIA will be showing how these techniques can be brought to game development.

Applications in the games industry range from improved analytics, improved AI for game-play and testing as well as accelerating content creation.

Presentations at GDC

We have 2 talks on deep learning at GDC. Bryan Catanzaro, our Vice President of Applied Deep Learning Research will kick things off with an Introduction to deep learning and then Andrew Edelsten, Senior Developer Technology Engineer will lead a talk on generating and enhancing materials using deep learning techniques.

Deep Learning Institute at GDC

Additionally we have a limited number of sessions with our Deep Learning Institute on Tuesday. Come to one of these if you want to learn about cutting edge deep learning techniques and get hands on lab experience training a deep neural network to solve practical problems.

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NVIDIA has 16 sponsored sessions at GDC this year. For full details head over to our GDC page. We’ll also have a booth packed with the latest and greatest in game development technology. We’ll see you at the show!

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