CUDA 6 Production Release

Version 64-bit 32-bit
Windows 8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Notebook EXE EXE
Desktop EXE EXE
Windows XP Desktop EXE EXE
Getting Started Guide


Distribution x86 64-bit x86 32-bit ARMv7
Fedora 19 RPM     RUN    
OpenSUSE 12.3 RPM     RUN    
CentOS 6
CentOS 5
SLES 11 (SP2 & SP3) RPM     RUN
Ubuntu 13.04 DEB     RUN   RUN DEB
Ubuntu 12.04 DEB*    RUN DEB     RUN DEB
L4T, Linux for Tegra LINK LINK
Getting Started Guide

Note: * Includes ARMv7 cross-complilation and profiling tools.

OSX Release Package
10.8 PKG

Getting Started Guide

Q: Do these installers work with my new Maxwell GPU?
A: In order to use graphics cards based on the Maxwell architecture, please download an updated driver from our Latest NVIDIA Drivers Page.

Q: What's in the installer packages?
A: The installers include the CUDA Toolkit, CUDA samples, CUDA Tools including Nsight Visual Studio Edition (for Windows) and Nsight Eclipse Edition (for Linux / Mac OS X), and developer drivers.

Q: Will the installer replace the driver currently installed on my system?
A: The installer will provide an option to install the included driver, and if selected, it will replace the driver currently on your system.

Q: Why doesn't the cuda-repo package install the CUDA Toolkit and Drivers?
A: When using RPM or Deb, the downloaded package is a repository package. Such a package only informs the package manager where to find the actual installation packages, but will not install them. See the package manager installation documentation for more details.

Q: How do I report issues or bugs?
A: Members of the CUDA Registered Developer Program you can report issues and file bugs using links on the Report Issues section of the CUDA Registered Developer Home Page.