Login to NVIDIA’s QwikLab system:

1.      Browse to:  https://nvidia.qwiklab.com/  Sign In or Create Account

2.      Select appropriate class

3.      Find the correct lab’s listing, and once enabled press Start Lab.

4.      Enter the TOKEN number provided when prompted


Setting up OpenNX Client Connection

1.      Open the “OpenNX Connection Wizard” Program and click Next

2.      Type in a unique name in the Session box (must be five or more characters)

3.      Copy the Endpoint from the QwikLab browser window to the Host box in OpenNX Connection Wizard window

4.      Leave all other settings at their defaults and click Next



5.      On following page, ensure Unix is selected and change KDE to Custom

6.      Click the Settings button, ensure ‘Run the Following Command’ is selected and enter /usr/bin/xterm



7.      Click OK and Next.  Ensure “Enable SSL encryption of all traffic” is checked and click Next.

8.      Click Finish on the final window.

9.      Now you should see the login prompt.  The Login and Password are provided on the QwikLab browser window where you got the Endpoint.


10.      You will most likely a RSA Key Warning - just click Yes.

11.      You should eventually see an xterm window pop up, please wait for your presenter for next steps