1.       Start by downloading the OpenNX client installation dmg for Mac OSX from this location.

2.       After launching the dmg file downloaded from step #1, verify you have X11 installed on your Mac OSX system

3.       Double-click the OpenNX package to being installation:

Mac OSX dmg Open Window

3.       At this point, you can follow the on-screen installation instructions provided as part of the OpenNX Setup program.  There are no special customizations needed during this setup.

4.       When successfully installed, you should see a similar window as below

Mac Install Success Window

5.       You are now done installing the OpenNX client and are ready to connect to an NX server.  Additional instructions will be provided when you are ready to attend a CUDA Training Platform based class.


At this point you should have both “OpenNX Connection Wizard” and “OpenNX” programs installed on your system.