At NVIDIA, we're always trying to simplify the Android development experience. The more apps you develop, the happier we are. The Tegra Android Development Pack makes it easy for you to setup and maintain an Android development environment.

This update includes support for Android SDK r18 and Android NDK r7c. This update to the NDK is significant for Tegra Android developers in that it includes an important fix for Tegra2-based devices, as well as a few additional fixes and improvements.

Android NDK r7b was not configured properly, resulting in crashes on non-NEON devices such as Tegra2-based devices, when trying to use certain floating-point functions (e.g., cosf, sinf, expf). 

The latest version of the Tegra Android Development Pack is available here. To provide feedback, request additional features or report support issues, please use the Tegra Developer Forums.