At SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles last week, I organized the course "An Overview of Next-Generation Graphics APIs" with colleagues from NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, Google, Valve, Unity, and Oxide Games to cover the similarities and difference between next-gen APIs, like DirectX 12 and Vulkan, and commonly used APIs today.

Slides are now available online at:

They include a high-level overview by Tim Foley of the mental programming model for next-gen APIs and a discussion of similarities and difference between them, plus more specifics on Vulkan by Graham Sellers and on DirectX 12 by Chas Boyd. Jesse Hall provided insights on important concepts for mobile GPUs, in particular related to tiling architectures. Then Dan Baker, Dan Ginsburg, and Aras Pranckevičius discussed their experiences working with DirectX 12, Vulkan, and Metal while trying to port or redesign their engines.

Thanks for all who attended! If you missed it, you can watch the full course sometime later this year as part of “SIGGRAPH University” on SIGGRAPH’s YouTube channel.