Last night, ahead of this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang introduced Tegra K1. 
The fifth-generation of NVIDIA’s Tegra line of mobile processors, it’s the first mobile SoC to support next-gen graphics capabilities. It does so by unleashing 192 Kepler graphics cores. These are the exact same cores used in GeForce graphics cards and Tesla supercomputer accelerators.
One highlight from the event: Jen-Hsun showed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 running on a Tegra K1 mobile processor. It’s a breakthrough that promises to bring the kinds of applications originally built for designers, gamers and supercomputers to a broad range of devices, erasing the lines between desktop and mobile devices.

Unreal Engine 4 running on NVIDIA Tegra K1

In this video, Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic Games and Tony Tomasi, SVP of Content and Technology at NVIDIA, talk about implementing Unreal Engine 4 on the Tegra K1.

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