NVIDIA had a blast at the Big Android BBQ in Hurst, TX from Oct 12-14th.  An enthusiast show on many levels, the BBQ brings together a great convergence of Android modders and hackers, most of whom also seemed to be avid gamers!  NVIDIA showed off both high-end Android gaming and PC streaming on SHIELD with hands-on demos.  We brought along a host of internal SHIELD development hardware, too; it provided these Android-savvy attendees with a really good idea of what it takes to bring an idea like SHIELD to the consumer market.

The NVIDIA booth was manned almost entirely by engineers who had worked on SHIELD’s Android OS modifications and enhancements, and this made for a lot of engaging discussions with the attendees.

NVIDIA DevTechs presented a session on developing great games for NVIDIA SHIELD, NVIDIA TegraNote, Ouya, MadCatz Mojo and other dedicated Android gaming devices.  We’ve posted the slides from that talk with a full set of notes.  They also hosted a coding challenge for the attendees; we drew a winner from the names of those who completed the coding challenge, and they walked away with an NVIDIA Shield!

Finally, NVIDIA gave away two more SHIELDs during the event; one to the winner of the head-to-head SHIELD race-gaming competition (which was decided by a late pass 10 seconds from the finish line!), and one as a part of the charity raffle for Rafa House 


This is definitely an event that NVIDIA hopes to be a part of in future years; the grassroots community represented at the BABBQ is a wonderful, positive and eclectic group of people drawn together by their love for Android as an open platform for creative expression.