NVIDIA ShadowWorks – HBAO+ 2.3. released

Latest HBAO+ Release 2.3. windows binaries are now available for download from here . NVIDIA ShadowWorks - HBAO+ improves upon existing Ambient Occlusion techniques to add richer, more detailed, more realistic shadows around objects that occlude rays of light. Compared to previous techniques, HBAO+ is faster, more efficient, and significantly better.


New in release 2.3:

  • The input normal data are now passed by value instead of by pointer (less error prone).
  • Removed the INVALID_VIEWPORT_DIMENSIONS error code. Input viewports larger than the input textures are now supported.
  • Added support for MSAA input VIEW_DEPTHS for DX11 and GL.
  • Added support for VIEW_DEPTHS with partial input viewports for DX11.
  • Added the DepthStorage parameter in GFSDK_SSAO_Parameters.

The HBAO+ binaries for other platforms or source/support can be licensed from NVIDIA by contacting us at VisualFx-licensing@nvidia.com