With Google IO kicking off, we have a lot of announcements coming, but nothing makes us codeslingers more excited than smart tools that let you get your work done faster.  To that end, I'm proud to present the latest powertool from NVIDIA: Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition.
We're excited because this tool brings one of the most powerful tools ever built, Microsoft Visual Studio, together with the flexible and popular Android platform.
You can now import and manage your Android projects natively in Visual Studio 2010, seamlessly debug Java and native C/C++ code using familiar Visual Studio features (like watches and breakpoints), and see as much as a 20-30% performance increase in native (C/C++) Android code.  
There are many other features as well, but we encourage you to check out (and bookmark) our NVIDIA Nsight Tegra page and join the Tegra Registered Developer Program to get the latest updates.
The official release of Nsight Tegra, Visual Studio Edition 1.0 will be available to all Tegra Registered Developers in Q3 2012. To be notified of early access to the preview release, scheduled for late July, sign-up today!
Nsight Tegra will be available at no charge ($0), but requires a valid Visual Studio license.
Happy coding (and debugging)!
- Jones