Aside from all the great products, one of the biggest events during G-STAR was held at NVIDIA booth. On Saturday, a five-to-five League of Legends(LOL) gaming match attracted a huge crowd as the LOL Season 3 World Champion winning team SKT T1 visited to participate. The competing teams were made up of two SKT T1 members and three amateur gamers, arousing curiosities among the audience which team will win. And the SKT T1 autograph event after the match just added more fun.


During the exhibition, G-SYNC was set up on ASUS monitors for side by side comparison with a standard display.  Gamers were clearly impressed by the smoother lag and tear free performance.  


SHIELD was another technology that received much attention. NVIDIA offered a chance for the audience to first-hand explore the SHIELD device itself while enjoying the various entertainments SHIELD can offer. The ‘SHIELD Ranking Match’ was successfully held every day for four days at the Gaming Zone inside NVIDIA booth. Many fans were disappointed when they learned that SHIELD will not be introduced in Korea this year. However, they highly complimented the SHIELD gaming experience through GameStream, the new PC streaming technology, as the future of the gaming industry. 


Tegra Note 7 (HP Slate 7 Extreme)

The audiences were able to experience all the features of a PC through the light-weighted and large screen HP Slate 7 Extreme tablets. Many people enjoyed smoother gaming experience through this Tegra-base tablet’s high performance graphics processing abilities.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780Ti

Among all the great technologies and products, GeForce GTX 780 Ti was definitely the one that the audience showed the most interest in during G-STAR 2013. This new graphics card was also featured in the products introduced by NVIDIA partners, Gigabyte and Zotac, at the Blizzard booth.  This is NVIDIA's fastest gaming graphics card so far with even more power than a the vaunted GTX Titan.

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