Are you tired of developing Android applications in Eclipse? Do you miss the comfort and familiarity of Visual Studio? Look no further.

Nsight Tegra is a complete Android development environment integrated into Visual Studio 2010. Native Android project management is available using the ‘vs-android’ (MSBUILD) build integration and makefile/ndk-build projects are supported as well.

Nsight Tegra includes a full Android GDB debugging experience integrated into the familiar Visual Studio windows and debugging workflows. In addition, parallel project AND parallel file compilation is available, which significantly reduces compile times.

Learn more on NVIDIA’s corporate blog, view the Nsight Tegra Walk-through Video or simply join the Tegra Registered Developer Program and try Nsight Tegra for yourself.

A tip of the hat to our friends at Mentor Embedded for delivering the underlying bits enabling this capability within Nsight Tegra. Please join us for a joint webinar to learn more about Nsight Tegra