Monster Hunter Online is a multi-player online game which was developed in collaboration between Capcom and Tencent. The benchmark version was released on Jan 5th 2015 by Tencent to showcase the beautiful scenery, a series of advanced rendering technologies as well as some of the NVIDIA Gameworks tech, such as NVIDIA HairWorks, HBAO+, Clothing. The benchmark can be downloaded from here.

NVIDIA’s GameWorks is deeply integrated into the game engine and greatly enhances the visual effects. There are several GameWorks technologies which were used in Monster Hunter Online to improve the gaming experience:


NVIDIA HairWorks

One of the most stunning effects in the benchmark is the “hairy” Airou cat. 250K strands of hairs were placed on top of the Airou cat skin to provide a more authentic image of a pet in the game. Thanks to the NVIDIA HairWorks tool chain, an artist can easily author the hair and place it in the game. Due to the improved fur performance and the dynamic Level of Detail it can easily run on current mainstream GPUs. The interaction with environmental wind as well as the enhanced shadow functionality make the fur look significantly more life-like.

Airou with HairWorks
Airou w/o HairWorks



HBAO+ is a part of NVIDIA ShadowWorks feature, which provides an advanced ambient occlusion technique. Compared to the previous ambient occlusion techniques, HBAO+ is faster yet provides rich details to the shadow scene.


PhysX Clothing

PhysX Clothing is now a very popular feature in current games. Monster Hunter OL has adopted this feature which can be nicely seen in this benchmark.. The secondary motion of the clothing greatly improves the fidelity of the characters.


Enjoy the Monster Hunter OL benchmark brought to life with the help of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies! In addition, you can also use it to test out your hardware specs. The benchmark will not just provide you with a score but also with the percentage of users that you can beat with your current hardware.
So I’d recommend you to try it out!