The NVIDIA Developer Tools team is proud to announce the final release of NVIDIA® Nsight™ Development Platform, Visual Studio Edition 3.0, an application development platform for heterogeneous systems. This new release officially supports OpenGL frame debugging and profiling, GLSL GPU shader debugging, local single GPU shader debugging, the new Kepler™ GK110 architecture found in Tesla® K20 & GeForce GTX TITAN, and CUDA® 5.0.

This release requires NVIDIA Display Driver Release 319 or newer.

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Highlights of the new Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition 3.0 features:

  • Support OpenGL 4.2 for frame debugging, pixel history and frame profiling.
  • Support for OpenGL GLSL GPU shader debugging.
    • GLSL 3.3 and higher applications are supported on a remote debugging setup.
    • GLSL 4.2 core applications are supported on a local debugging setup.
  • Local, single GPU shader debugging and pixel history is now supported for HLSL and GLSL.
  • Support for the CUDA® 5.0 Toolkit.
  • Support for the Kepler GK110 architecture (for example, found in the Tesla® K20 & GeForce GTX TITAN).
  • CUDA Dynamic Parallelism is now supported when building, debugging, and running analysis. For more information, see CUDA Dynamic Parallelism.
  • Attaching to a CUDA application during a kernel launch is now supported. Attachable programs will raise an attach dialog if a GPU assert or exception occurs.
  • New CUDA Source-Level Experiments allow you to correlate profiling data to individual kernel source code lines, supporting CUDA-C, PTX, and SASS assembly.
  • Support for hardware debugging of C++ AMP applications directly on NVIDIA hardware.
  • Many more improvements and new features. Learn more

A new version of NVIDIA PerfKit, a suite of performance tools to help debug and profile OpenGL, Direct3D and CUDA applications, is also available on the NVIDIA PerfKit page.

We encourage all users to send feedback and report issues at the Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition forums or within the Nsight™ Visual Studio Edition Registered Developer Program to help improve the quality of the software for future releases.