We've just completed a succesful day training developers to debug and profile CUDA using NVIDIA Nsight for Visual Studio.

If you missed the training today, join us Wednesday at GTC to learn about the powerful CUDA debugging features of Nsight that enable developers to quickly spot bugs or the comprehensive set of performance analysis tools provided by Nsight that allow developers to identify system level optimization opportunities as well as expensive and inefficient CUDA kernels.

If these sessions aren't your cup of tea, swing by the Nsight Lounge to meet the Nsight development team, discuss specific product features or test out your application with the latest version of Nsight. The lounge is a great place to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the tool. 

Schedule for Wednesday May, 15th, 2012:

09:00-09:50am: CUDA ProfilerTraining on Windows

10:00-10:50am: NVIDIA Nsight Lounge

02:00-02:50pm: CUDA Debugger on Windows

03:00-03:50am: NVIDIA Nsight Lounge

04:00-04:50am: CUDA ProfilerTraining on Windows

05:00-05:50am: NVIDIA Nsight Lounge

As space is limited, reserve your spot in a specific lab here - http://www.gputechconf.com/page/home.html.

Here are some photos from today's sessions:

Come join the fun!

Stephen Jones (#nvidiajones)