NVIDIA GameWorks™ pushes the limits of gaming by providing a more interactive and cinematic game experience and thus enabling next gen gaming for current games. We provide technologies e.g. PhysX and VisualFX, which are easy to integrate into games as well as tutorials and tools to quickly generate game content. In addition we also provide tools to debug, profile and optimize your code.

Upcoming Technology

NVIDIA FlameWorks enables cinematic smoke, fire and explosions. It combines a state-of-the-art grid based fluid simulator with an efficient volume rendering engine. The system is highly customizable, and supports user-defined emitters, force fields, and collision objects


PhysX FleX is a particle based simulation technique for real-time visual effects. It will be introduced as a new feature in the upcoming PhysX SDK v3.4. The FleX pipeline encapsulates a highly parallel constraint solver that exploits the GPU’s compute capabilities effectively. 

NVIDIA GameWorks technology in released games

Call of Duty: Ghosts is using NVIDIA HairWorks to provide a more realistic Riley and wolves. Each hair asset has about 400-500K hair strands. Most of these hair assets are created on the fly inside the GPU from roughly 10K guide hairs. Additional technologies used in the game are NVIDIA Turbulence for the smoke bombs, as well as TXAA.


Batman Arkham Origins is loaded with NVIDIA GameWorks technologies; NVIDIA Turbulence  for the snow, steam/fog and shock gloves as well as PhysX Cloth for ambient cloth. In addition NVIDIA ShadowWorks for HBAO+ and advanced soft shadows and NVIDIA CameraWorks for TXAA and DoF. 


NVIDIA GameWorks Developer Tools

NVIDIA GameWorks provides the development tools developers need. Products such as NVIDIA Nsight, Visual Studio Edition are available for both GeForce and Tegra product lines, giving developers the tools they need to quickly and easily optimize game titles for both desktop and mobile.  NVIDIA GameWorks provides improved integration, documentation and learning materials.

NVIDIA GameWorks Availability

Portions of NVIDIA GameWorks technologies are already available, see table below. We are working on several updated versions and new content, which will be available for GDC, so stay tuned. 

Category Availability Links
PhysX Most popular physics engine: 500+ games
  • PhysX SDK
  • PhysX Clothing and Tools
  • PhysX Destruction and Tools
PhysX Info
VisualFX Solutions for complex, realistic effects
  • NVIDIA Turbulence
  • NVIDIA WaveWorks
  • NVIDIA CameraWorks (TXAA, DoF)
  • NVIDIA ShadowWorks (HBAO+, Advanced Shadows)
  • NVIDIA FlameWorks (closed beta end of March)
  • NVIDIA HairWorks (closed beta end of March)
  • NVIDIA FaceWorks (closed beta end of March)
  • NVIDIA GI Works (closed beta end of March)
OptiX Ray Tracing engine and framework OptiX
Graphics Samples Samples, documentation, tutorials (Coming Soon)  
Developer Tools Build, debug, profile, optimize
  • Tegra Android Developer Pack
  • Nsight, Visual Studio Edition
NSIGHT Visual Studio Edition


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