Android TV is coming to deliver the Android experience millions of users already know and love to their TV. With an established ecosystem and the Play store for in-app purchasing, Android TV has the potential to completely disrupt the living room.

Developing for Android TV is relatively easy if you are already developing for Android. In fact if you support a game controller and HDMI out in your game you are most of the way there. This article will talk about how NVIDIA tools, code and hardware can help developers get started developing for Android TV.

Android TV at Google I/0

Check out the announcement video for Android TV at the recent Google I/O event.

The Google ADT-1 Developer Kit is powered by an NVIDIA Tegra K1 SOC. It's one of the most powerful CPU/GPU combinations currently available in the mobile space. You can still request these from Google, but you can get started developing with almost any Android device. Google has some great advice on how to get started with the lean back or 10 foot experience.

What does NVIDIA provide for Android TV Developers?

Development Hardware

NVIDIA SHIELD devices are a great place to start. NVIDIA SHIELD portable is an all one stop solution with its integrated game controller, but NVIDIA SHIELD tablet plus a SHIELD tablet with a SHIELD game controller is also a great option, but if you want to get started barebones, any phone with an HDMI out plus a generic Bluetooth game controller is enough to begin developing for Android TV.

Development Tools

At NVIDIA we believe that great tools are key to making great games and that is why we provide the Tegra Android Developer Pack. Setting up an Android development environment can be a complex and frustrating experience, TADP simplifies this experience.

Whether you need a GPU profiling and debugging tool, a CPU profiler or Visual Studio integration and project support we have tools for you on Window, OSX and Linux.

Tegra Libraries and Tools included in TADP

TADP is free to all developers, all we ask is you join our free registered developer program.

Getting Started

Google have already released their L Developer Preview which makes it easy to get started making applications for Android TV.

NVIDIA also has lots of documentation based on our experience making content for SHIELD portable in console mode: