Santa came early to NVIDIA bringing a whole host of updates for Tegra Android Developers.

First and foremost, PerfHUD ES for Android has been updated with a number of new features for all the "good" game and graphics developers on Santa's list.

New features include:

  • Root access no longer required for Android.
  • New counters added that quantify the time spent waiting each from by the OpenGL ES driver (2D HW, 3D HW and CPU).
  • Added the “Disable Texture Upload” experiment, which indicates if an application is texture-data bound.
  • Added the “Disable Buffer Data” experiment, which indicates if an application has issues with data loads.
  • Added the “Disable Uniform Upload” experiment, which helps determine if data uploads are a bottleneck.
  • Added the “Disable Filtering” experiment, which indicates if an application is limited by filtering.
  • New counter added that measures vertex cache hits.
  • New GPU Idle counter added to the Performance Dashboard.

The latest version of PerfHUD ES for Android is available for download as part of the Tegra Android Tooklit. Download a copy here

In addition, the Tegra Android Developer Pack, which configures an entire Android development environment at the click of a button, has been updated to Android NDK r7. The Tegra Android Toolkit has been updated with the latest versions of all the tools, docs and samples and the Tegra Android OS Images have been updated to support PerfHUD ES 1.9.

Grab all of these updates here and have a Happy Holiday!