Is your game built on a cross platform engine like Unity or Unreal Engine? Does your game support gamepads? Have you made an Android build?

You might be surprised at how easy porting to Android is. A modern Android device like the SHIELD tablet has a powerful quad core CPU, a modern, precise, fully featured GPU and 2GB of RAM. This means that in many respects, it is equivalent or superior to a previous generation console. Because of this, many games can be deployed with little or no loss to functionality or features.

Android TV represents a massive opportunity for game developers. Android TV places the Android experience at the heart of the living room. For game developers this represents a new potential market of millions of gamepad enabled devices.

Here are a few case studies from developers who quickly discovered that their games ran on SHIELD devices with little work.

Case Studies

Haunt the House Terrortown

I met the NVIDIA folks at IndieCade and they very kindly gave me a SHIELD portable after I showed them my early iOS build of the game, built in Adobe AIR. I didn't have a working Android build at the time, but thanks to AIR being cross platform and after a bit of tinkering at my in-laws' (where I was staying), I was able to get the game running fantastically on the device. I took it back to the NVIDIA booth the next day, I think they were a little surprised! Now I'm working to add support for the Android TV too, hopefully it's just as easy."

Tom Vian, SFB Games @SFBTom

Natures Zombie Apocalypse

Got a chance to try the latest NVIDA SHIELD tablet at a developer meet up. Just hit "build to Android" on Unity and we were super impressed with how well it performed. Supporting these modern devices is going to be a breeze using Unity!

Rob Saxton, @aniodeGames

Tachyon Reef

I was recently at MIGS and was checking out the Shield and was chatting with the guys at the NVIDIA booth. I was curious if the SHIELD portable could run my game-in-progress, Tachyon Reef. They gave me a SHIELD to try and I got my PC title running on it almost without any changes! Really just a matter of doing an Android build in Unity, and having controller support mapped in. So for the rest of the show I was able to show Tachyon Reef off in the palm of my hand! Very impressive! (And i heard the new tablet is even faster...)”

Quentin Preik, Fiver Archers Corporation @fivearchers

Get Started!

We have seen developers add Android to their list of supported platforms in as little as 30 minutes, so what are you waiting for?

If you have a game that you think would be great on Android with gamepads, get in touch with us at Shield Developer to get started.