We know how excited a lot of you are to write your own computer vision applications with OpenCV (you haven’t heard of the Open Source Computer Vision library? Read more here - http://opencv.org). We’re pretty excited too, because OpenCV gives us a great opportunity to show off how awesome Tegra is. Our new OpenCV for Tegra is a fully-compatible, backend implementation of OpenCV for Android, but yields 2-20x faster processing on Tegra 3-based devices.

How hard is it to use? Well, there’s no need to create different apks for different devices. You can use the OpenCV Manager Android service to make sure your app uses the latest OpenCV libraries for the customer’s device. The manager will make sure the most-recent, device-appropriate OpenCV libraries are present and linked.

Don’t just take our word for it. Just check out the speedups on your own Tegra 3 device with this OpenCV for Tegra Demo App.

Can’t wait to do all the programming stuff? Just download the Tegra Android Development Pack, and build your first OpenCV app with the just one click! We support both SDK (Java) and NDK (C/C++) development models for your programming convenience. Check out the "How to Use OpenCV for Tegra" section of the TADP docs for more detailed info.

If you have questions, feel free to hit us up on our DevTalk Forums in the Android Development area. See you there!