We come today to let you know about a wonderful competition that our good friends at Toradex are running. It's called the Toradex Design Challenge and is open for students and other individuals at education and research institutions. It's an ongoing competition with an annual prize pool of $100,000 so if you're still in school or are planning a return to university, fear not!


Of course, if you're studying or researching today put on your thinking cap! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a product from an original idea, utilising an NVIDIA® Tegra™ based Computer on Module Kit (worth $250 and provided free to qualifying projects). Examples on the Toradex website might fuel your imagination and twice a year the projects are judged, with prizes of up to $20,000 awarded to the winning teams.


In addition to the kit, Toradex also offers participants software libraries, an online knowledge base, and technical support from their engineering team.


To get everything you need and enter the competition head over to http://www.challenge.toradex.com.