The NVIDIA CompleX scene scaling engine (previously termed NVScale) enables software developers to greatly increase the performance and/or ultimate scene complexity in their applications by fully leveraging the combined performance and memory of multiple GPUs within NVIDIA Quadro Plex visual computing systems.

The CompleX engine can be directly integrated with existing OpenGL applications, or as an easy to enable option for applications built upon NVIDIA SceniX. Once integrated, CompleX manages the distribution of scene geometry across GPUs and composites the result for a seamless and highly interactive experience. In doing so, CompleX is the scalable answer for any professional OpenGL application needing maximum graphics memory and performance for highly complex data sets.

New CompleX features:

  • Supports OpenGL applications on Windows and Linux 64-bit operating systems
  • Leverages NVIDIA Quadro Plex to deliver up to 8 GPUs and 32 GB of addressable graphics memory for use by a single application
  • Flexible scene decomposition and compositing approaches to conquer a wide range of scene management challenges, with built-in support for Alpha compositing, Depth compositing, Screen compositing, as well as Custom approaches such as 1:1, n:1, Hierarchical, and Hybrid Transparent management of mutliple GPUs with built-in auxiliary functions
  • Seamless integration with SceniX 6.x, enabling applications employing the SceniX scene graph convenient access to scene scaling with the CompleX engine.
  • Built-in support for OpenSceneGraph for easily adding CompleX to applications based upon OpenSceneGraph 2.x
  • Fast transport for faster compositing between GPUs
  • Support for antialiasing and stereo
  • Sample OpenGL application, providing a simple demonstration of how to efficiently integrate CompleX.
  • New: Final namespace support
  • New: Improved error checking and feedback


  • The latest version of CompleX for independent integration or for use with OpenSceneGraph is available here
  • For using CompleX with SceniX, please obtain the latest SceniX version from the SceniX home page

Additional Information:

  • CompleX within Open Inventor
  • Read how Visualization Sciences Group (VSG), a leader in 3D development solutions for the oil & gas industry, is leveraging the power of CompleX for their customers in Open Inventor 8.1

If you have any questions about the NVIDIA CompleX scene scaling engine, please send your inquiry to