GPU COE Achievement Award 2012

GPU Centers of Excellence include some of the world's top universities engaged in cutting-edge work with CUDA and GPU computing.  To highlight and reward the excellent research taking place, each of the world's 18 COEs was asked to submit an abstract describing their top achievement in GPU computing over the past year and a half.  A panel of experts, led by NVIDIA Chief Scientist Bill Dally, selected four COEs to present their achievements at a special event during GTC 2012.  COE peers at the event then voted for their favorite presentation, who won bragging rights as the inaugural recipient of the GPU Achievement Award 2012.

 The four COEs selected to showcase their work were:

Researchers from Tokyo Institute of Technology snagged the first-ever Achievement Award for their research with TSUBAME 2.0.
With the impressive names of academic institutions in the room, NVIDIA, through technology and deep collaboration is advancing the world's most prestigious academic institution's research.   The world's top academic institutions are using the power and ease of GPU computing to redefine computational approaches used in research and industry and we look forward to our continued high level collaboration in the Academic Research worldwide.

The COE Achievement Presentations can be viewed here.
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