Kiwi Delivery Robots Tackle Student Snack Attacks

Autonomous Machines, Artificial Intelligence, GPU, mobile

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Sep 10 2018

What’s not to like about food delivered by a cheery little robot in about 30 minutes.

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Ready for Takeoff: Off-the-Shelf Jetson TX1 Carrier Boards Let Developers Soar

Embedded Computing, Enterprise, mobile, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Feb 23 2016

Developers looking to bring deep learning to drones, robots and other embedded computing applications can now get a head start. Connect Tech Inc.

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Continents Apart, Two Students Share a Common Language: They Speak Robot

Corporate, mobile, Embedded Computing, Jetson, mobility

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Oct 28 2015

Two students, separated by different cultures and thousands of miles, share a common language. They speak robot. Doctoral candidate Raffaello Bonghi splits his time between Italy and France. Ryan Beethe is an undergrad in Colorado.

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All-New Tegra Android Development Pack 2.0r8 Now Available under NVIDIA GameWorks!

mobile, Tegra Android Development Pack, Games and Graphics, GameWorks, Tegra Development

Eric Foo, posted Mar 18 2014

The latest public release of Tegra Android Development Pack (2.0r8) is now available under the new NVIDIA GameWorks™ platform of NVIDIA Developer Tools. Tegra Android Development Pack (TADP) is a suite of SDKs, developer tools, drivers and OS images bundled in a single package to help simplify setting up and managing an Android development environment.

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