Robot Tamer Madeline Gannon: New Platform Will Bring Machines to Heel at Scale

Autonomous Machines, Artificial Intelligence, GPU, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Sep 17 2018

Training, testing and coding robots is a grueling process. Our recently launched Isaac platform promises to change all that. Few know that better than roboticist Madeline Gannon.

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Kiwi Delivery Robots Tackle Student Snack Attacks

Autonomous Machines, Artificial Intelligence, GPU, mobile

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Sep 10 2018

What’s not to like about food delivered by a cheery little robot in about 30 minutes.

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AI for Hobbyists: DIYers Use Deep Learning to Shoo Cats, Harass Ants

Deep Learning, The AI Podcast, Artificial Intelligence, GPU, Inner Geek, Jetson

Lan-Marie Malin, posted Dec 14 2016

Robots recklessly driving cheap electric kiddie cars. Autonomous machines shining lasers at ants — and spraying water at bewildered cats — for the amusement of cackling grandchildren.

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