API Hooking Techniques for GRID Cloud Game Streaming

GameWorks, GRID, GameWorks Expert Developer

Gary Ji, posted Oct 22 2014

NVIDIA GRID hardware and software provides a highly efficient and cost-effective infrastructure for cloud game streaming. With baremetal server configurations, API hooking is the key technique

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Transparency (or Translucency) Rendering

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Alex Dunn, posted Oct 20 2014

Authored by: Alex Dunn and Louis Bavoil

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Alpha Blending: To Pre or Not To Pre

GameWorks Expert Developer

John McDonald, posted Jan 31 2013

Alpha Blending is a small--but important--part of virtually every 3D application. Conceptually, alpha-blending is used to communicate the transparency of a surface.

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