A Trio of New Nsight Tools That Empower Developers to Fully Optimize their CPU and GPU Performance

Game Development, CUDA, Development Tools & Libraries, Games, Volta

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 31 2018

Three big NVIDIA Nsight releases on the same day! NSight Systems is a brand new optimization tool; Nsight Visual Studio Edition 5.6 extends support to Volta GPUs and Win10 RS4; and NSight GRAPHICS 1.2 replaces the current Linux Graphics Debugger.

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CUDA 9.2 Now Available

Accelerated Computing, Features, CUDA

Nadeem Mohammad, posted May 21 2018

CUDA 9.2 includes updates to libraries, a new library for accelerating custom linear-algebra algorithms, and lower kernel launch latency.

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Drink up! Beer Tasting Robot Uses AI to Assess Quality

Artificial Intelligence, CUDA, GeForce, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Apr 06 2018

Can a beer tasting robot do a better job than humans in judging a beer? Researchers in Australia developed a robot that uses machine learning to assess the quality of the beer.

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NVIDIA Announces New Software and Updates to CUDA, Deep Learning SDK and More

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Features, Robotics, Cloud, CUDA, cuDNN, Jetson, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 27 2018

At the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA announced new updates and software available to download for members of the NVIDIA Developer Program.

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Announcing Major Updates to DesignWorks and VRWorks Developer Tools

Design & Visualization, Features, Virtual Reality, CUDA, DesignWorks, VRWorks

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 27 2018

Today, in conjunction with the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose, California, we are announcing major updates to our industry-leading DesignWorks and VRWorks SDKs and developer tools.

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NVIDIA JetPack 3.2 Production Release Now Available

Features, Robotics, Autonomous, CUDA, cuDNN, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 09 2018

JetPack 3.2 with L4T R28.2 is the latest production software release for NVIDIA Jetson TX2, Jetson TX2i and Jetson TX1.

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NVIDIA’s 2017 Open-Source Deep Learning Frameworks Contributions

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, CUDA, cuDNN, Development Tools & Libraries, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, TensorRT, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 01 2018

Many may not know, NVIDIA is a significant contributor to the open-source deep learning community. How significant? Let’s reflect and explore the highlights and volume of activity from last year.

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Using CUDA Warp-Level Primitives

Accelerated Computing, CUDA, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jan 15 2018

NVIDIA GPUs execute groups of threads known as warps in SIMT (Single Instruction, Multiple Thread) fashion. Many CUDA programs achieve high performance by taking advantage of warp execution.

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Hybridizer: High-Performance C# on GPUs

Accelerated Computing, CUDA

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Dec 15 2017

Hybridizer is a compiler from Altimesh that lets you program GPUs and other accelerators from C# code or .NET Assembly.

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NVIDIA TITAN V Transforms the PC into AI Supercomputer

Artificial Intelligence, Features, CUDA, cuDNN, GeForce, Higher Education/Academia, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Dec 08 2017

NVIDIA introduced TITAN V, the world’s most powerful GPU for the PC, driven by the world’s most advanced GPU architecture, NVIDIA Volta.

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