Dyndrite Unveils First GPU-Accelerated Geometry Kernel to tackle Data Explosion in Additive Manufacturing

Graphics / Simulation, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Graphics & Visualization, CUDA

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 15 2019

the team at Dyndrite has developed a new GPU-based platform: Accelerated Computation Engine (ACE), the world’s first GPU-accelerated geometry kernel.

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PGI Community Edition 19.10 Now Available


Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 13 2019

New PGI Community Edition supports NVIDIA V100 Tensor Cores in CUDA Fortean, the full C++17 language, PCAST CPU/GPU auto-compare directives, OpenACC 2.6 and more.

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Introducing Jetson Xavier NX, the World’s Smallest AI Supercomputer

Autonomous Machines, CUDA, Jetson, Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier, machine learning and AI, maker, Robotics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 06 2019

Today NVIDIA announced Jetson Xavier NX, the world’s smallest, most advanced embedded AI supercomputer for autonomous robotics and edge computing devices.

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grCUDA: A Polyglot Language Binding for CUDA in GraalVM

AI / Deep Learning, Data Science, Features, Accelerated Computing, CUDA, RAPIDS

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 01 2019

Integrating GPU-accelerated libraries into existing software stacks can be challenging, in particular, for applications that are written in high-level scripting languages.

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Latest Updates to NVIDIA CUDA-X Libraries

AI / Deep Learning, Top Stories, CUDA, cuDNN, Development Tools & Libraries, TensorRT

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Oct 04 2019

Learn what’s new in the latest releases of NVIDIA’s CUDA-X Libraries and NGC

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Using Nsight Compute to Inspect your Kernels

HPC, CUDA, Development Tools and Libraries, Nsight, Nsight compute, NSight Systems

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 16 2019

By now, hopefully you read the first two blogs in this series “Migrating to NVIDIA Nsight Tools from NVVP and Nvprof” and “Transitioning to Nsight Systems from NVIDIA Visual Profiler / nvprof,” and you’ve discovered NVIDIA added a few new tools, b

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Developer Spotlight: Visualizing High-Resolution Atomic Structures to Simulate Molecular Dynamics

HPC, Computer Graphics & Visualization, CUDA, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 09 2019

Experimental sciences deliver high-resolution atomic structures for biological complexes, but researchers need to refine those structures, prove their accuracy, and simulate their dynamics while retaining all of the information that makes simulati

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Getting Started with CUDA Graphs

AI / Deep Learning, HPC, CUDA, CUDA graph, Featured

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Sep 05 2019

The performance of GPU architectures continue to increase with every new generation. Modern GPUs are so fast that, in many cases of interest, the time taken by each GPU operation (e.g. kernel or memory copy) is now measured in microseconds.

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Researchers at VideoGorillas Use AI to Remaster Archived Content to 4K Resolution and Above

AI / Deep Learning, Graphics / Simulation, CUDA, cuDNN, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Aug 23 2019

To meet the growing pace of innovation, one company is developing a new AI-enhanced solution to exceed visual expectations at lower costs.

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Deep Learning Helps UCLA Scientists Identify Cancer Cells in the Blood Instantaneously

AI / Deep Learning, Features, CUDA, cuDNN, Featured, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Aug 22 2019

UCLA researchers have just developed a deep learning, GPU-powered device that can detect cancer cells in a few milliseconds, hundreds of times faster than previous methods.

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