Share Your Science: Accelerating Graph Analytics with GPUs

Research, Big Data & Data Mining, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Medical and LifeSciences, Share Your Science, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 04 2016

Brad Bebee, CEO of Blazegraph, shares how their Blazegraph GPU solution is using Tesla K40/K80 GPUs to accelerate graph queries and very large scale graph analytics.

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Facebook Donating 200 GPUs to European Researchers

News, Research, Higher Education / Academia, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical and LifeSciences, Medical Imaging, Molecular Dynamics

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 03 2016

The Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) lab announced a new Research Partnership Program to spur advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning — Facebook will be giving out 25 servers powered with GPUs, free of charge.

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Mysterious Radio Burst Pinpointed to Distant Galaxy

Research, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Big Data & Data Mining, Medical and LifeSciences, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 02 2016

For the first time, astronomers have tracked down the location of a fast radio burst (FRB), confirming these short but spectacular flashes of radio waves originate in the distant universe.

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DX12 Do's & Don'ts Updated

DX12, GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer

Holger Gruen, posted Mar 01 2016

Since our last update to the DX12 Do’s & Don’ts we have learned and seen a lot more DX12 games and found that we can be more specific about our advice to developers.

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GPUs Help Measure Rising Sea Levels in Real-Time

Research, Climate/Weather/Ocean Modeling, CUDA, GeForce, Higher Education / Academia, Medical and LifeSciences, Social Impact, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 29 2016

Sea levels have traditionally been measured by marks on land – but the problem with this approach is that parts of the earth’s crust move too.

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