AI Camera Might One Day Detect Lies Better Than a Polygraph

News, Research, CUDA, GeForce, Image Recognition, Internet / Communications, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 04 2016

The Russian machine learning firm Tselina Data Lab developed a deep learning-based camera algorithm called Fraudoscope that detects lies on facial emotions. Trained with CUDA and TITAN X GPUs, the lie-detecting app uses a high-definition camera to observe an interrogation and decode the results. The camera focuses on the interviewee — the software maps changing

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Virtual Agent Understands Your Social Cues

Features, News, Research, CUDA, cuDNN, GeForce, Image Recognition, Internet / Communications, Media & Entertainment, Signal / Audio Processing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 03 2016

A researcher from Carnegie Mellon University developed S.A.R.A. (Socially Aware Robot Assistant) that not only comprehends what you say, but also understands facial expressions and head movements. Using CUDA, GTX 1080 GPUs and cuDNN with TensorFlow to train the deep learning models, S.A.R.A. will reply differently if she detects a smile than someone frowning and

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Deep Learning in Aerial Systems Using Jetson

Features, Computer Vision, cuDNN, Deep Learning, Jetson

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 03 2016

The adoption of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has been steadily growing over the last decade. While UAS originated with military applications, they have proven to be beneficial in a variety of other fields including agriculture, geographical mapping, aerial photography, and search and rescue. These systems, however, require a person in the loop for remote control, […]

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NVIDIA VRWorks support for Unity

GameWorks, VRWorks, VR, Ansel

David Coombes, posted Nov 02 2016

Today NVIDIA and Unity Technologies announced a pathway for developers who want to use VRWorks to accellerate rendering for VR applications developed using the Unity Game Engine. VR applications require stereo rendering at 90 fps to give users a smooth experience and this requires a lot of performance. VRWorks unlocks GPU performance so developers can concentrate on making great content.

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Supercomputer Helps Understand How Jupiter Evolved

Research, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Cluster / Supercomputing, cu, Government / National Labs, Higher Education / Academia, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 02 2016

Researchers from ETH Zürich and the Universities of Zürich and Bern simulated different scenarios on the computing power of the GPU-accelerated Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) to find out how young giant planets exactly form and evolve. “We pushed our simulations to the limits in terms of the complexity of the physics added to the

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