GameWorks Vulkan and OpenGL Samples 3.0 Released

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, Vulkan

Lars Bishop, posted Jul 08 2016

We have rolled out a big upgrade to our GameWorks graphics API samples (formerly known as the OpenGL Samples) – we’ve added support for Vulkan in the framework on all platforms: Windows, Android, desktop Linux and Linux 4 Tegra! The source code and documentation are available today. Check them out at:

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Applications Open: Compute the Cure Research Grant

News, Research, Higher Education / Academia, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical and Life Sciences, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 07 2016

The NVIDIA Foundation announced today the availability of up to two research grants worth $200,000 each as part of its Compute the Cure initiative to advance the fight against cancer. The Foundation is seeking projects that use computational omics to dramatically impact the battle against cancer and reduce the time it takes for research outcomes

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Meet Laconia: Michigan State’s New Supercomputer

Features, SuperComputing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 06 2016

The Institute for Cyber-Enabled Research (iCER) at Michigan State University recently unveiled a new $3 million supercomputer named Laconia with double the speed of its previous supercomputer. Partnering with Lenovo as the system OEM, powered by 200 NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs, Laconia ranks in the TOP500 fastest computers in the world and is projected to

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Teaching an AI to Detect Key Actors in Multi-person Videos

Research, cuDNN, Higher Education / Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Media & Entertainment, Tesla, Video Processing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jul 06 2016

Researchers from Google and Stanford have taught their computer vision model to detect the most important person in a multi-person video scene – for example, who the shooter is in a basketball game which typically contains dozens or hundreds of people in a scene. Using 20 Tesla K40 GPUs and the cuDNN-accelerated Tensorflow deep learning

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Getting to know the new HDR

GameWorks, HDR

Evan Hart, posted Jul 05 2016

We’ve already started with teaser posts about HDR on this blog both here and here. Now that we’ve gotten through the madness of launching a new product, it is time to go through a more detailed set of information on the how, why, and what of HDR. This post kicks off a whole series of blog posts on HDR and color evolutions for

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