NVIDIA VXGI 0.9 released


Monier Maher, posted May 26 2015

The latest version of NVIDIA VXGI 0.9 is now available for download from here. NVIDIA VXGI is an implementation of a global illumination algorithm known as Voxel Cone Tracing. Global illumination computes all lighting in the scene, including secondary reflections of light of diffuse and specular surfaces. Adding GI to the scene greatly improves the realism of the rendered images.

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Developing, Publishing and Tuning Apps and Games for Android TV and SHIELD

Android, Shield, GameWorks, Android TV

Lars Bishop, posted May 15 2015

The SHIELD Android TV brings next-generation Android apps, gaming and media content into consumers' living rooms.

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Android Debugging for High Performance Applications

Android, GameWorks

David Coombes, posted May 14 2015

If you are writing a game or high performance application for Android, you will be using the NDK (Native Development Kit) from Google. At NVIDIA, we believe in making NDK development simple and efficient. We provide tools for installing the NDK as well as integration with Visual Studio for building and debugging. We also provide professional grade profiling tools for both CPU and GPU. These tools let developers get professional performance from their Android code.

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How About Constant Buffers?

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Evan Hart, posted May 04 2015

Continuing along from my previous two posts in the series, this post talks about how constant buffers offer a way to avoid pitfalls that you can encounter with structured buffers. As a developer you should consider why you are using a structured buffer. If the buffer fits in the restricted 64 KB of a constant buffer, then using a constant

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Redundancy and Latency in Structured Buffer Use

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Evan Hart, posted Apr 30 2015

In a recent post, we discussed a simple pothole that developers can often hit in the use of structured buffers. This post dives into a much more subtle issue where shader structure impacts the efficiency of processing structured buffers.

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