Life of a triangle - NVIDIA's logical pipeline

GameWorks, GameWorks Expert Developer, DX12, DX11

Christoph Kubisch, posted Mar 16 2015

Since the release of the ground breaking Fermi architecture almost 5 years have gone by, it might be time to refresh the principle graphics architecture beneath it. Fermi was the first NVIDIA GPU implementing a fully scalable graphics engine and its core architecture can be found in Kepler as well as Maxwell. The following article and especially the “compressed pipeline knowledge” image below should serve as a primer based on the various public

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NVIDIA Shield Android TV console launched at GDC15

Shield, GameWorks

David Coombes, posted Mar 07 2015

This week at GDC we launched the latest member of the SHIELD family, a 4K capable Android TV that can play awesome Android games like Crysis3 natively as well as streaming the latest PC games from the cloud using our GRID game streaming service at 1080p 60fps. Powered by the awesome Tegra X1 superchip, the device costs $199 and can be used to consume media of all kinds as well as for hours of gaming pleasure.

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NVIDIA GameWorks Increases the Pace of Innovation in Unreal Engine 4 Games

PhysX, GameWorks

Mike Skolones, posted Mar 05 2015

NVIDIA has made it easier than ever for game developers to add leading-edge technologies to their Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) games by providing custom UE4 branches for NVIDIA GameWorks technologies on GitHub.

We created GameWorks to advance gaming at a rapid pace by extending the state of the art in graphics technologies. Developers now have access to the cinematic-quality special effects and the tools they need to make their games better with minimal effort.

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Latest PhysX Source Code Now Available Free on GitHub

PhysX, GameWorks

Rev Lebaredian, posted Mar 04 2015

NVIDIA today put more than a decade of research, development and investment in gaming physics into the hands of game developers – by offering free source code for NVIDIA PhysX on GitHub.

This will accelerate the adoption of PhysX, the premier physics engine in gaming. And it will help game developers by lowering the barrier of entry to putting world-class physics effects in their games.

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Tegra Android Development Pack 4.0R1 released with support for the all-new NVIDIA SHIELD powered by Tegra X1!

tegra, CUDA, OpenGL, Shield, Tegra Android Development Pack, GameWorks, Developer Tools, Android TV, Lollipop, 64 bit, Tegra X1

Eric Foo, posted Mar 04 2015

Get ready to develop for the cutting edge of the gaming revolution with Tegra Android Development Pack 4.0R1 (TADP 4.0R1).

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