Transitioning from OpenGL to Vulkan

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Christoph Kubisch, posted Feb 11 2016

When to transition from OpenGL to Vulkan

With the availability of Vulkan there are now two open graphics APIs that target similar platforms. This brings up the questions which API to choose for new applications, or what to do with existing applications. Just because Vulkan is newer, it doesn’t mean it is always better, nor that OpenGL became an inferior choice over night.

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Autonomous Search-and-Rescue Drones Outperform Humans at Navigating Forest Trails

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 11 2016

In what could one day help find missing people in forests, a team of researchers used deep learning to train an autonomous drone to navigate a previously-unseen trail in a densely wooded forest completely on its own. The researchers from Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the University of Zurich, and NCCR Robotics, mounted three GoPro

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Share Your Science: Unraveling Membrane Proteins with GPUs

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 09 2016

Erik Lindahl, Professor of Biophysics at Stockholm University, talks about using the GPU-accelerated GROMACS application to simulate protein dynamics. This approach helps researchers learn how to design better drugs, combat alcoholism and understand how certain diseases occur. Lindahl mentions they started using CUDA in their work nearly five years ago and now 90% of their

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Your Brain’s Capacity is 10 Times Greater Than Earlier Expected

Research, GeForce, Medical and LifeSciences, Medical Imaging, Neuroscience

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 08 2016

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and several collaborators used NVIDIA GPUs to create a highly detailed 3D digital reconstruction of tissue from a rat’s hippocampus, the memory center of the brain. The reconstruction, powered by TITAN GPUs, helped the researchers precisely determine the number and  size categories of synapses — the connections

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Weekly Social Roundup

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Nadeem Mohammad, posted Feb 05 2016

We love seeing all of the social media posts from developers using NVIDIA GPUs – here are a few highlights from the week: My New Workstation for Machine Learning, x99 with Geforce gtx980 @GPUComputing — Ozan Gunaydin (@Dozimas) February 1, 2016 Finally learning the fundamentals of deep learning @NVIDIA s #DLWorkshop. Looking forward to

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