Maximizing Unified Memory Performance in CUDA

Features, CUDA, memory, pascal, Unified Memory, Volta

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 19 2017

Many of today’s applications process large volumes of data. While GPU architectures have very fast HBM or GDDR memory, they have limited capacity. Making the most of GPU performance requires the data to be as close to the GPU as possible.

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Pro Tip: Pinpointing Runtime Errors in CUDA Fortran

Pro Tip, CUDA Fortran, Debugging, tools

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 16 2017

We’ve all been there. Your CUDA Fortran code is humming along and suddenly you get a runtime error: copyin, copyout, usually accompanied by FAILED in all caps.

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Simplify the Deployment of HPC Applications with NVIDIA GPU Cloud

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Features, Cloud, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 14 2017

NVIDIA announced the availability of HPC application and visualization containers on NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC).

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A New STAC-A2 Record

Accelerated Computing, Data Center, Financial Services, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 13 2017

The results are in, and GPUs are still the fastest solution on the planet for financial risk management. This is according to the latest STAC-A2 audited test results.

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Connect with NVIDIA at Supercomputing 2017

Accelerated Computing, Artificial Intelligence

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Nov 10 2017

Join NVIDIA at SC17 in Denver, Colorado to learn how GPU-accelerated computing is changing the very definition of the word possible.

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