VRWorks SDK 2.3 Now Available

GameWorks, VRWorks

Anthony Cascio, posted Mar 15 2017

NVIDIA has released the new VRWorks SDK for application and headset developers along with the GeForce driver version 378.78.

The driver is available for download at: https://www.nvidia.com/download/index.aspx and the SDK has been posted at https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks.

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AI Predicts Athletes’ On-Field Decision-Making

Research, Higher Education / Academia, Media & Entertainment

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 10 2017

Researchers at Disney, California Institute of Technology and STATS, a supplier of sports data developed a deep learning-based technique that provides coaches and teams with a quicker tool to help assess defensive athletic performance in any game situation. The method analyzes game data on player and ball positions to create models, or “ghosts,” of how

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AI-based Mobile App Tests for Parkinson’s in Minutes

Research, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Higher Education / Academia, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Medical Imaging, Tesla

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 09 2017

UK researchers developed a smartphone app using deep learning that lets people with Parkinson’s disease test their symptoms at home in just four minutes. “There’s very little understanding as to how Parkinson’s arises, and patients say that every day the condition is different,” says George Roussos at Birkbeck, University of London and co-author of the

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Train and Deploy Deep Learning Applications with NVIDIA DIGITS 5 and New TensorRT

News, Research, DIGITS, Higher Education / Academia, Image Recognition, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Software, tensort

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 08 2017

Today we are announcing the production release of NVIDIA DIGITS 5 and  NVIDIA TensorRT. DIGITS is an interactive deep neural network training application for developers to rapidly train highly accurate neural networks for image classification, segmentation and object detection. Trained models can be deployed to the cloud, PC, embedded or automotive GPU platforms, with TensorRT

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NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Delivers Twice the Intelligence to the Edge

Features, Autonomous Vehicles, Deep Learning, Embedded, Jetson, Jetson TX2

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Mar 07 2017

Today at an AI meetup in San Francisco, NVIDIA launched Jetson TX2 and the JetPack 3.0 AI SDK. Jetson is the world’s leading low-power embedded platform, enabling server-class AI compute performance for edge devices everywhere. Jetson TX2 features an integrated 256-core NVIDIA Pascal GPU, a hex-core ARMv8 64-bit CPU complex, and 8GB of LPDDR4 memory […]

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