Ford Using Deep Learning for Lane Detection

Research, Automotive, Caffe, cuDNN, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Video Processing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jun 28 2016

Researchers from the recently expanded Ford Research and Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California developed a new sub-centimeter accurate approach to estimate a moving vehicle’s position within a lane in real-time. To achieve this level of precision the researchers trained a deep neural network, aptly named DeepLanes, to process input images from two laterally-mounted down-facing

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NVIDIA Docker: GPU Server Application Deployment Made Easy

Features, Containers, Datacenter, Deep Learning, Docker

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jun 27 2016

Over the last few years there has been a dramatic rise in the use of containers for deploying data center applications at scale. The reason for this is simple: containers encapsulate an application’s dependencies to provide reproducible and reliable execution of applications and services without the overhead of a full virtual machine. If you have

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Shadertoy Contest 2016 Announced


David Coombes, posted Jun 27 2016

If you are into shaders, procedural content and hacking, the Shadertoy Competition 2016 starts on July 3rd! Just like every year, Shadertoy organizes a one month-long competition where the best and most talented shader writers in the world show off their skills and win honor and pride. Anybody can participate, it is online and it is free! #ShadertoyCompetition

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MIT Researchers Created Eye-Tracking Solution For Your Smartphone

Research, Caffe, cuDNN, GeForce, Higher Education / Academia, Image Processing, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Video Processing

Nadeem Mohammad, posted Jun 27 2016

From scientific research to commercial applications, eye tracking is an important tool across many domains. Researchers from MIT and University of Georgia developed software that can turn any smartphone into an eye-tracking device. Besides making existing applications of eye-tracking technology more accessible, the system could also help detect signs of incipient neurological disease or mental

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IndieCade @ E3 Wrap-Up

GameWorks, SHIELD Stories

Anthony Cascio, posted Jun 24 2016

Thanks for coming out to E3 this year and showing your support for all the Indie titles that were shown off at the IndieCade@E3 Festival. We had an amazing time and look forward to seeing you all next year!

We showed off some great games, like Super Meat Boy, Contrast, Super Mega Baseball, and Ultimate Chicken Horse. All playable on NVIDIA SHIELD! The folks at IndieCade were ecstatic over our participation this year and we were astounded by the response to NVIDIA SHIELD.

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